With researchers continuing to understand space and the planetary bodies around it, 色中色视频鈥檚 Top 10 Research News list included the completion of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission.

In a first-of-its-kind mission for the United States that spanned over seven years, the unmanned spacecraft mapped and studied the surface of the near-Earth asteroid Bennu, then retrieved a sample for researchers to study the asteroid鈥檚 composition.

Topping the list was a story on the world鈥檚 first energy-saving paint inspired by butterflies. The plasmonic paint utilizes a nanoscale structural arrangement of colorless materials 鈥 aluminum and aluminum oxide 鈥 instead of pigments to create colors. The paint can contribute to energy-saving efforts and help reduce global warming.

Other stories included a $12.6 million Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency grant looking to create self-repairing, biological and human-engineered reef-mimicking structures. 色中色视频 is helping design reef structures that will be used to mitigate coastal flooding, erosion and storm damage that threaten civilian and Department of Defense infrastructure and personnel. Another story featured new research on the earliest presence of Homo sapiens in Southeast Asia, pushing back the presence of humans in that part of the world by at least 20,000 years and a human presence in the region for at least 56,000 years.

Here are the Top 10 色中色视频 Research News Stories of 2023:

1. 色中色视频 Researcher Creates World鈥檚 First Energy-saving Paint 鈥 Inspired by Butterflies

2. The Long Journey of NASA鈥橲 OSIRIS-REx

3. Human Migration Timeline Redrawn by Fresh Fossil Analysis

4. New 色中色视频-developed Battery Could Prevent Post-hurricane Electric Vehicle Fires

5. 色中色视频 Researchers Are Advancing AI-assisted Drug Discovery

6. 色中色视频 is Designing Self-repairing Oyster Reefs to Protect 色中色视频鈥檚 Coastlines

7. New DOD-funded Project Will Develop Morphing Hypersonic Engine

8. 色中色视频 Researchers Create Bioabsorbable Implants for Better Bone Healing

9. 色中色视频 Team Awarded $2.3M Grant for Innovative Intervention to Prevent Falls

10. Deadly Frog Disease More Prevalent in Central 色中色视频 Than Expected, 色中色视频 Study Finds

The annual top 10 list is based on聽色中色视频 Today聽page views and coverage 色中色视频 research received by global, national, state, and local media. The stories were generated by news releases and pitches from 色中色视频 Communications and Marketing, 色中色视频鈥檚 Office of Research and 色中色视频鈥檚 colleges.